Actually, the band was formed in Carhaix in the autumn of Jean-Yves LE CORRE, accordionist, Bruno LE MANAC’H, guitarist and Philippe LE BALP, flautist and biniou, the non-regular companion of the bell ringer Per GUILLOU. An amazing Breton tour of Alan STIVELL in its first and best formation, will encourage our three friends and make them propose in their turn a Celtic repertoire to the generous public of Central Britain. At the end of the Menez-Kamm performance, the band will include the talabarder Yann GOASDOUE and take the name of DIAOULED AR MENEZ (the devils of the mountain) offered by Youenn Gwernig who thinks that the music created by the four thieves is rather intended for the exaltation of bodies than for the eminence of souls. The modern repertoire includes the dance music of Basse Bretagne with a prevalence of the themes Gavotte, Plinn and Fisel. It is derived from all the songs heard by traditional vocalists and bell- ringers or comes from the vocabulary of the band members, all of whom studied at the schools of Breton musical culture.

From 1972 everything develops very quickly! The performances are interconnected and will literally devote the band … In the meantime, the group has grown into a bassist, and imposes the approach of the marriage of common instruments with decisively modern sounds to accompany the dance. Based on this model, the “DIAOULED AR MENEZ” will popularize a style of common “avant-garde” for the time!

The band’s sound, the choice of its repertoire, the style of interpretation, selection of programs targeted at a certain public and striving to participate in the life of its culture, make DIAOULED AR MENEZ, one of the leader of the first “revival Breton” and the success of the new kind of urban festival is still alive!

The reputation of DIAOULED AR MENEZ will soon spread all over Brittany, allowing the band to perform on the largest stages.

In 1973, the young band will spend short nights of sleep followed by hard working days.
In this year, the pride of the members must be scheduled for a month in the area of Lanrivain and to a smaller extent to be part of Celtic programming with TRI-YANN, BERNARD BENOIT, DOON A MOOR and WOLFE TONES within the whole week at the OLYMPIA by Bruno COQUATRIX, himself!

During these countless years and through the memorable tours, the band delivered Breton music to such countries as: Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, etc. Let alone the numerous
festivals in France, (Interceltic of Lorient, Les Vielles Charrues 1997, with James Brown in Armorican including) the 8 legendary evenings at the Olympia and about 1500 festivals.
Since 1982, the band is surprised and pleased to stay in the hearts of the crowds, making the

celebration of its birthdays amazing and unforgettable moments.

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