The French province of Brittany, where the cultural traditions of the continental Celts has been preserved for centuries, is considered one of the most enigmatic and beautiful corners of Europe. It was here in the 60s of the previous century that one of the main centers of Celtic « folk-revival » was that made Irish, Scottish and Breton music an international pop phenomenon.

Today, Brittany continues to be at the center of attention of all the « Celtomaniacs » of the world. Since 1971, the large port of Lorient in the Lower Brittany region has been hosting a grand festival « Interceltique » – a creative forum for the traditional heritage of all Celtic regions of the planet. Annually the most popular artists like Diaouled ar Menez come here.

Due to its large audience, Festival Interceltique Lorient is one of the largest music festivals in Europe.

The program of the festival is a bright cultural kaleidoscope, which includes more than 200 events and performances, in which about 5000 people take part. Colorful costume parade along the main streets of Lorient, which opens the festival, carries the audience for centuries in time. In addition to concerts of Diaouled ar Menez and other folk groups and international competitions of piper bands, mass dance parties « festoù-noz » in Breton style are held here.

Traditional motifs for the Celts (Irish and Scottish music in the author’s arrangements) are presented by the pioneers of Celtic music Diaouled ar Menez, as well as author’s songs and instrumental tunes, traditional dances. Inimitable Diaouled ar Menez are ready to give 100% of their energy and inspiration. Celtic music from acoustics to rock, Breton songs, during the performance of which it is impossible to sit still, are waiting for everyone who will attend the final concert of Diaouled ar Menez at the festival.

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