Bruno Le Manac’h died on June 6 in Plounévezel. He was a guitarist, and made a significant contribution to the music of Breton.

Bruno Le Manac’h started his carrier in 1971. Together with his childhood friends Jean-Yves Le Corre, accordionist, and Philippe Le Balp, bellman, he created the music band, called Avel Ar C’hwitell . He was eighteen at that time.

Yann Gouasdoue, who visited the cultural home of Conduct in Spézet Kamm, joined the group, and this is the “Great Youenn” Gwernig who offered the band its final name: Diaouled Ar Menez (Devils Mountain). They stated to perform at the festival of the Center-Bretagne in full rebirth of the Breton music.

The band will leave a trace in the Breton music. It was one of the first group of young Brittany music in brackets.

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